Laurence Fink: Success in Business and Life (2018)

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An interview with Co-Founder and CEO of Blackrock, Laurence Fink. In this interview, Laurence discusses what drives him to success in business and his personal life. Laurence also talks about the retirement crisis, diversity and his letter to CEO’s.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
6:10 What drove your success?
10:13 How do you train that?
15:26 What personally drives you?
20:18 Did getting fired drive you?
23:39 A company should be run for stakeholders and shareholders?
26:49 What is the long term?
31:54 Did some people misinterpret your intent?
35:38 When do you vote against companies?
38:25 Your not a activist?
38:53 Why are you focused on diversity?
41:57 Does this issue resonate with others?
45:08 Retirement crisis?
52:53 Thoughts on current volatility?
54:56 Should the tax cut of happened?
56:44 What would if you do if you couldn’t run Blackrock?

Interview Date: 13th February, 2018
Event: The Economic Club of Chicago
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